Long Term Investemnts

Index Investing + Quality Opportunities

Follows exactly like an index investing (Passive style with some smart Picks OF QUALITY Blue Cap Stocks)-
Ideal for Whom: – Who are looking for long term wealth building taking Nifty returns + Alpha Picks (from some of the best Large-cap stocks based on Proprietary filters the stocks are selected.)
– Large-cap Gems.
– Risk-averse equity investment.
Specification: Holding Period: 2 to 5 Years
Service Delivery Mode: E-mail
Capital Requirement: 200k to 500k
Risk: Low
Return: Over and Above Benchmark Returns
Tax Efficiency: Most capital gains will be long-term.
Churn: Low
Universe: Nifty ETF + liquid stocks from top 100 market cap stocks listed on NSE
Rebalance: Once every year, Our research team reviews this Portfolio and drops
stocks which do not meet the model criteria and add new stocks

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