SEBI Reg : INH200002887 Registration granted by SEBI and certification from NISM in no way guarantee performance of the intermediary or provide any assurance of returns to investors.

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SEBI Registered Research Analyst - Deepti Reg No : INH200002887

‘Swastiga Financials Services‘ by SEBI Registered Research Analyst – ‘Deepti’ is providing best share market research analysis services which  are helpful to trade in Nifty ,Banknifty , stock future /options in NSE and MCX.

As an experienced trader in Indian securities market for last 8+ yrs, we realized there is no well-thought-out approach to learning trading and most of the traders are in the deception of the presence of holy grail strategy or chart setup. So many tipster/advisor approach traders with different plans such as pay-after-profit, profit-sharing or 100% profit guarantee or accuracy but in fact there is no trading without any risk and no such magic pill !! Eventually, after some time traders hate stock market and then quit after losses.

Some of so-called experts set their trading technique/strategy fee so high ( 70K to 6 Lacs) to pretend as if it is very efficient but in reality, the same can be learned by self or from others at low price !!

To get over such illusion and to educate traders, in Year 2014, we started “TradeFire India” with the goal to help traders. It was a huge success, and many traders come to know pros and cons of trading/speculation business. We were first in INDIA who predicted lower target of Nifty with the time horizon in March/April 2015 when it was in the range of 8850 !! Read here or here. However in compliance to ‘SEBI (Research Analysts) regulation,2014’, we stopped providing paid recommendations after 31st May 2015.

We believe in self-learning so after receiving SEBI registration (INH200002887), we decided to develop a mobile application MySwasto to provide research analysis with no time and in a transparent way. Now we have launched ‘TheTradeFireBot” which can help non-technical person to trade in Indian Securities . For technical analysis of financial markets, we use AmiBroker, MT4, Pi, MetaStock, computer programming skills, Python, Excel,
etc. from GANN, Elliot wave technique to price-action to Quant analysis but making it simple and best.

‘MySwasto’ / TradeFire is developed with following motto and features:

– To provide best research reports or analysis using state of the art analysis tools and technology.

– To help traders to learn and understand trading so that they can trade like a professional one

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